Nourishing Handmade Soaps & Beauty / Spa Treats with a magnificent sensory treat!

About Us

We personally make hundreds of gorgeous soap, bath and body products in our soap kitchen. We are always creating, always aiming for perfection and we constantly strive to be the best, we love what we do and we hope that you like our products too!
We make 2 types of soap, both are handmade products either cold processed soaps using vegetable oils or glycerine soaps. The majority are glycerine soaps.
We believe that handmade is always better all our soaps are totally unique and we are constantly changing our range of products and most importantly our products are affordable, luxurious handmade soapy delights.
It’s important for the health and beauty of your skin to use a handmade soap. Handmade soap retains glycerine, a by-product that pampers skin by moisturizing. Our soaps also include emollients to protect, and help repair damaged skin. Many recipes contain milk & oils for creamy texture and skin benefits. Beautiful, healthy skin is paramount for attractive well-being. We are happy to help you look and feel your best with our fine soaps.
We are always inventing our own brand of unique bath time delights, developing original ideas and creating bespoke products for our clients. There are many designs to choose from and all beautifully presented.
Colorful soaps that look like buns they are almost good enough to eat (but don’t do that!). Hand made with mouth watering fragrances that make a wonderfully eye catching display
We have cakes for any occasion, such Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Mothers day, Fathers day, Birthdays, Halloween, Eid, Christmas with colorful fruity pieces.
All of the Soaps you see here have been expertly crafted by the team at SAMS with combined experience in soap making we love nothing more than coming up with new, bright, fun novel soaps. At the core of this is the need for mild, gentle products that can be used and loved by all. In fact, all you need to do is choose! Our selection of hand made soaps cater for every need. We have countless loaves of soap, all exquisitely fragranced, made from the highest quality natural ingredients, essential & fragrance oils guaranteed to be gentle on the skin. We use natural ingredients whenever we can.
We have handcrafted soaps, aromatherapy soaps, herbal soaps, guest soaps, soap in loofahs, loofahs in soap, we even have paper soap for that awkward occasion when you find yourself in need of washing your hands but there is no soap available.
Our handmade soaps come with a twist – novelty soaps containing toys for children, classic soaps covered in petals & shaped soaps (dinosaurs, flowers, hearts, ducks, angels, ballerina, wedding themed, fairy, so many choices!)
Enjoy a fizzy and aroma filled bath with one of our many SAMS Fizzy Bath Bombs. We stock many different varieties of Bath Bombs All our bath bombs are clear wrapped, ensuring they are easy to handle and stay in perfect condition.

We recycle whatever we can and we don’t waste resources of the planet on unnecessary packaging, we try to use recycled materials for packaging wherever possible.
We source some of our ingredients locally were possible, and export the majority from reputable companies, we follow strict EU guidelines, when making any of our products.
Nothing we make is tested on any animals. Only on willing friends & family!
We love what we do and we hope that you like our products too!”
To truly appreciate our huge product range, please come & visit us. We guarantee a warm welcome and delicious smells to savour.
If you prefer, you can fill any of our baskets or gift bags with your own selection of goodies and we will gift wrap it for you. Choose your Soapy Gift Set making the perfect present for someone you care about. They all make the ultimate unique novelty gifts not found else were in Pakistan.