Nourishing Handmade Soaps & Beauty / Spa Treats with a magnificent sensory treat!

Wedding Favors & Special Occasions

Maybe you want to earn a little extra money (who doesnt) well what could be more perfect than selling unique products that are not the run of the mill high street stuff that no one else has? Why not have a house party invite friends and family, but if you lack confidence then why not ask a friend to share the venture with you thus halving the costs.Our products sell it’s a fact they are unique in Pakistan. We offer wholesale discounts.
SAMS SOAP KITCHEN is the choice for premium gift shops, home and garden boutiques, markets and destination platforms for selling inspired Pakistan Made products. Our collections are built to provide gorgeous soap gifts for all the family, to surprise and delight both the purchaser and the recipient. Your customers will love our fun unique soaps & body cosmetics.
Thank you for your interest in SAMS SOAP KITCHEN, and to become one of our valued stockists.
Please email us at with your details/contact numbers and area in Pakistan & website if any. Whatever your venture we can help you.

Wedding Favors & Special Occasions


We want your wedding day, party or special occasion to be amazing, so we have personally created a fabulous range of beautiful, handmade and affordable, bath and body treats with you and your special guests in mind.
Our soap wedding cakes always amaze guests and add a twist on the traditional. Our soap wedding cakes are designed to be cut into smaller soap favors and given out to your special guests.
We also produce a range of amazing looking soap cakes that cut into soap cake slices, beautiful soap cupcakes and pretty bath truffles, or fizzy bath bombs which make beautiful, individual presents for your guests to enjoy and cherish.
Although we show some ideas here for you, really, it’s totally up to you what you would like for your favors! you may want flowers, heart shaped, butterfly, bird soaps, soap lollies the choice is yours.
Just email or phone us to discuss what you are thinking of, and we will be able to tell you if we can do it. We can make your soapy favors in colors to match your theme, and in a fragrance of your choice. To your favors we can tie a beautiful ribbon with a message of your choice written along it. eg With love from Sophie & Zain , or Thank you for sharing our special day etc.

Soap cakes for celebrations and events with style!

SAMS SOAP KITCHEN handmade soap cakes are great for a party, wedding, anniversary, birthdays, special events or just to give away to your friends. Each cake cuts into 8 OR 10 slices of 100 – 140+gms each and costs from Rs 3,000 for glycerine soaps and cold processed soaps from Rs 4,500 the price can vary due to ingredients used and designs chosen. Each handmade soap cake is completely individual and is tailored to your requirements, color, design, fragrance etc. Please allow at least six weeks for the design, creation and curing process for our cold processed soaps for our glycerin soaps allow at least two weeks dependent upon our orders.Contact us to find out more.
We can also design luxury silk handmade soap cupcakes or soap slices for your special occasion, corporate event or wedding. Again please allow a minimum of six weeks for delivery, final pricing will depend on quantity, please contact us for more information.
If you would like to know more about our fabulous, handmade favors and treats, please email us with your requirements and questions to
We look forward to helping make your day extra special.